Arcadia Bhutan Travels | Way into Bhutan
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Way into Bhutan


Bhutan being a landlocked country, it can be reached, either by air (flight) or land (drive).


Fly into Bhutan


This is the most convenient way to get into Bhutan, and most travellers enter Bhutan via flight. Royal Bhutan Airline, (Drukair) and Bhutan Airlines, are only carrier that links Bhutan to five other countries namely, India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Thailand, and Singapore. 


Booking Your Flight


We will be able to help you reserve your tickets for up to 30 days with no fee and penalty. Cancellation fee will only apply if you have issued your tickets. This reservation facility will allow you some time to confirm your connecting flight and plan your tour in Bhutan. You can also reschedule your visit if necessary. Once you have confirmed your land tour, you can drop us a note to issue your ticket. Issuance can only be done after we have received your payment for the ticket since cancellation after issuance will incur a cost.


Driving Through India


Bhutan share border with India in the south and China in the north, but does not have an open border with China, so travellers can only drive into Bhutan from India. There are three entries point,Samdrup Jongkar in the East, Gylephu in the centre, and Phuntsholing in the west, which is the main trade city in Bhutan. It will take about six-hours from Phuntsholing  to reach Thimphu, the capital of Bhutan.