Arcadia Bhutan Travels | Best Time To Visit
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Best Time To Visit


Bhutan is best place to see the change of seasons…. We say Bhutan is at its best in Spring and Autumn. So, it is the best time to visit Bhutan. Having said so, summer and winter have their own draws and attractions.



Spring is the favourite season for many in Bhutan, as it’s calendar booked with colorful festivals, beautiful cherry blossoms, so is best time to visit Bhutan. Nature lovers who take keen on flora should consider visiting Bhutan end of April or in May…



Like Spring, Autumn season, is also packed with festivals especially month of October and November. And the mild weather in autumn makes it a perfect time to visit Bhutan.



Consider visiting Bhutan in June. Summer  offers vibrant green nature and flourishing paddy fields against a backdrop of the blue sky during daytime.



To avoid the crowd, winter would be best time to make the visit. To catch Himalayan blue sky, consider visiting Bhutan in December. The temperature will be moderate at daytime  and can experience chilly temperature during late night.