Arcadia Bhutan Travels | Essential Info
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Essential Info


Booking Your Trip


By regulation, anyone visiting Bhutan must have a guide and must pay an all-inclusive rate of USD $450  per night which doesn’t include airfare and USD $40 visa fee (unless you’re an Indian, Bangladeshis or Maldivian national). And USD $30-$40 nightly tariff for duo and solo travellers. This includes your private tour with professional english speaking guide, at least 3-star hotel lodging, and three meals per-day and the ground transfers.


Responsible Tourism

From the total package 45% of what you pay goes to the government to put toward free education and healthcare, building infrastructure and conservation (sustainable development fund).



Healthcare is free for locals and visitors in Bhutan, during their stay in Bhutan.


Paying For Your Trip

As a points-obsessed traveler, it stung not be able to pay for the trip with credit card. To pay for trip you’ll need to transfer the funds in US dollars to local tour operator who will divert the payment to tourism council of Bhutan’s bank account. The fee to transfer fund through Bank of America is about $45 and more. You can easily make the transfer online if you do online banking.



All the hotels have decent Wi-Fi. Even some Home-stays  have Wi-Fi. If you want to stay connected it is recommend getting a local SIM card, now Bhutan is connected with 5G.


Alcohol & Tobacco

Bhutan is alcohol-friendly community, note the country is dry on Tuesdays, and on this particular day bar shops remain close.

Tobacco had been illegal to sell until covid-19 pandemic, but the govt. temporarily lifted the ban to mitigate.  You can bring your own cigarettes purchased from another country, but only limited. And be prepared to pay a 200% tax on them at customs.



The outlets varied at the hotels. In some places you can use plug a standard USA-style plug into the wall, while at others you needed the European two-prong kind. It’s recommended to get a International Travel Adapter with USB ports so you can charge multiple devices with one gadget.



While it won’t cause uproar if you wear a tank top and shorts, it’s a respectful gesture to keep shoulders and knees covered when not in your hotel room. This is mandatory in the local temples (as well as no hats), which you’ll be visiting a lot of. One travel essential to carry that’s great for this is a scarf shawl — which also works as an airplane blanket!